1. Transparent Conducting Oxides:

    Touch Panels: SiO2, TiO2, Nib2O3, ITO, Cu

    ITO: ITO, Ag, Au

    Displays and photovoltaics

    EL Lamps

2. AR / Anti-reflective, ASAR / Anti-reflective and Anti-static

3. (FPCB): NiCr, Cu, etc.

4. Low-E: SnO2, SiN, TiO2, Ag, NiCr, Cr, Ti.

    Automotive / Window IR Cut: ITO, Ag, Au


5. High Value Barrier Packaging 10-6mg / m: SiO2, Al2O3

6. Security Coatings

7. EMI shielding

8. Ultra-Barrier Coatings for flexible display substrates (OLEDs)

9. SSLB Solid Static Lithium, Battery SSLB: Au, Al, LiPON

10. Transparent heating elements