Off Coating Line

 I. Release and Adhesive Coating Technology Know-How for The

   Application of NFC, RFID wireless communication and Touch

   Panel, Smart Phone etc.

   a. Anti-fin ger Black Tape for Mobile Phone antenna/NFC

   b. Ferrite sheet Double side PET Acrylic Tape, PET Protective Film for NFC and RFID.

   c. PET Silicone Adhesive and Prote ctive Film

       (1) smart phone

       (2) Double Side PET Acrylic Tape and PET Protective Film for Touch Panel

     NFC: Near Field Communication

     RFID: Radio Frequency Identification

II. CNT Water Based Antistatic Ink.


   ➢Stable, long lasting sheet resistance > one year.

   ➢Suit for Roll-to-Roll Coating Machine.

   ➢Alcohol wiping resistance.

   ➢The sheet resistance can be adjusted 10⁶ - 10⁹ Ω⁄□, upon request.

   ➢Water based ink. Good for environmental protection.


   ➢Antistatic film for Carry tape, Protection Film,Diffusion Barrier.

   ➢EMI Shielding.

III. Solar window Know-How

• IR cut, standard 2, 3 ply, normal.

• Acryl PSA process/single and double

• UV hard coat, process, lamination for
        3 ply.

IV. Optical Hard Coat Protective Film

  Hard Coat Liquid / 2HC-02-NP

   ➢No need primer coating and corona treatment for PET film.

   ➢No need optical grade PET film.

• Anti-Finger Print

• Anti-Static

• Anti-Reflective

• Anti-Glare

• Anti-Newton Ring

• Anti-Blocking

• Anti-Chemical Resistance/Alcohol Alkaline

• Anti-Cracking

• Anti-Shatter

• Anti-UV

• Anti-Smudge

Advantage features :

• Higher hardness

• Higher transmittance

• Higher flexibility

• Higher cure rate

• Lower shrinkage

• Lower haze

• Lower refractive index

• Low rainbow issue

     Please refer to the Hard Coat catalogue

V. Transparent Conductive Know-How

  a. CNT Composed Transparent Conductive liquid



   ➢High Flexibility.

   ➢High Transparent. Low Haze. Low LCM Reflectance. High Color Contrast.

   ➢Water based ink. Good for environmental protection.

   ➢Laser Patterning. Low chemical pollution. Low manufacturing cost.

   ➢Applied Process: Roll-to-Roll Coating Machine.


   ➢Touch Panel, Flexible Display, OLED, Smart Phone, Thin Film Switch,

   ➢EMI Shelding.

  b. Ag Nano transparent conductive ITO coating know-how



     LCD, TV,Touch panel, Smart phone

VI. Diffusion sheet coat for TFT-LCD, TFT-LCD.


 Diffuser Liquid Properties


  ➢High-Haze Diffuser.

  ➢No need primer coating and corona treatment for PET film.

  ➢No need optical grade PET film.

Upper Diffuser

• Protect BEF from damage

• Uniform light

• Mura modified

Bottom Diffuser

• Cover dot pattern of LGP

• Luminance increasing

• Uniform light from LGP

     Please refer to the diffuser liquid-DF-2HC-NP catalogue

VII. Lamination between diffusion and prism film

       by Acrylic coated /PD-Acrylic Resin


  ➢Super large, thin and cured TV.

  ➢Curable PAD and mobile phone.

  ➢Curable, wearable design.

  ➢Roll to roll coating process.


  ➢Anti slippery, heat deform,

     scratch during the layers assembling for better yield rate.

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