PET Simultaneous, Bi-axial Stretching Line:

1.Process Know-How for Reflector sheet :

Inline Coater (double sided) for optical BOPET film Installed in Korea


2. Process Inline Coating Know-How for:

(a) Heat shrinkable film: Printable for bottles twin screw extruders, 35-50 micron

(b) Optical coating films: Inline coater, 50-300 microns/ 0.05-0.3mm.


• Diffuser sheet

• ITO film

• Membrane Touch Switch

• Window / Safety Film

• Prism sheet

• Protection film: Anti- glare

/Anti-reflection coated film


(c) PET Packaging Coating Film


• Anti-static coating

• Easy printing film

• UV Ink-adhesion coating

• Metal adhesion coating

• Slippery coated film

• PVDC coated film

• Silicone coated film

• Polyurethane coating.


BOPP Bi-axial Stretching Line, Inline coater + coating process

know-how with pre-plasmas treatment to improve permanent

surface tension.


• Primer coatings are for improving anchorage / adhesion

• Top coat coatings for improving printability Top Coat

• Release coatings for general packaging uses

• Antistatic coatings

• High gloss

• Barrier coating.