Projected Capacitive Touch Panel: 4 layer stack, Invisible ITO for Higher end,

Touch Panel,Sophisticated Touch Panel sputtering slow process

• Layer Resistivity: 400, 250, 150, 100Ω/□

• Modern Roll Sputtering Machine

• Optical Sputter Web Metallizer, Single Drum

Low-E Layer Stack Construction

Low-E / Solar control, Anti-IR: 1 to 9 layer system / dielectric and metal layer′s,

PET 25 micron

Dielectrics: SiO2, TiO2, ITO, ZnO2

Protektion: Ti, Cr, NiCr

Layer Stack:    • 1st / Chamber SnO2

                      • 2nd & 3rd / Chamber Ag

                      • 4th / Chamber Ti

                      • 5th & 6th / Chamber SnO2 Speed approx.: 4m / min


FPCB: 2 layer system / metal layers

Due to the poison of chemical waste from low-E seed layer plating the FPCB

marked turns to sputter solutions


Rotatable Sputtering Source Copper Target Multi-Chamber Sputtering Web

Metallizer for Flexible PCB